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Problems in the development of high temperature alloy technology in China

Release time: 2017.03.09

The history of the development of high temperature alloys in China is short, and the research and development started in the late 50s of last century. At present, there are many kinds of high temperature alloy in China, including two kinds of high temperature alloy and high temperature alloy. Now the superalloy in China has basically formed its own system, and actively developing production base, mainly formed superalloy base to realize Qigihar steel works as the main body and the aviation engine manufacturing company as the main body of the precision casting factory foundry casting high temperature alloy production base as the main body, in a variety of high temperature alloy the production and supply of domestic aviation and other industrial sectors.
Although China's high-temperature alloy after years of efforts to develop and innovate in the international market has a certain influence, and can guarantee the needs of the domestic market, the proportion of exports is also expanding over the same period last year. However, compared with the United States, there is still a certain difference, but it is rare in China's rare metal materials, high production costs, coupled with rising raw materials, resulting in the development of these metal materials subject to financial constraints. In addition, China's high temperature alloy materials technology development and product application link is not close, a lot of technological innovation is restricted in application, the actual factors of this problem is to restrict the further development of alloy technology, materials and metallurgical quality level is not high, also affect the material purity by quality is affected by the alloy,. In addition, due to the development of the whole industry chain is also very important to the quality of the alloy, such as in the processing of the alloy, if the processing process is lax, it will affect the final production effect. The production process of large size precision casting blade for gas turbine has not been broken, and the domestic rate is not high. In the future to increase application development, improve the efficiency of the alloy, will be able to make the industry step on a new level.

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