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Working principle and advantages of electric heating wire

Release time: 2017.03.09
Electric heating alloy can be divided into:
1, austenitic nickel chromium alloy;
2, Fe Fe Cr Aluminum Alloy tissue.
These two kinds of alloys are also very different in their properties because of their different structure. However, as an electric heating alloy material, they have many advantages, so they are widely used in many countries.
Nickel chromium electrothermal alloy
1, high temperature strength. The high temperature strength of Ni Cr alloy is higher than that of Fe Cr Al, high temperature when in use is not easy deformation, element arrangement of a larger choice.
2, long-term use of its plasticity is still very good. Nickel chromium alloy after cooling for a long time to use it will not become brittle, therefore, the use of heating components more reliable, easy to repair after damage.
3, high emissivity. Ni Cr alloy after oxidation of the full radiation rate than Fe Cr Aluminum Alloy high, therefore, when the surface load is the same, the Ni Cr alloy element temperature is slightly lower than the fecrai.
4, no magnetic. Nickel chromium alloys are not magnetic, which is more suitable for use at low temperatures. Fe Cr Aluminum Alloy at 600 DEG to no magnetic.
5, good corrosion resistance. Ni Cr alloy Fe Cr Aluminum Alloy than without oxidation corrosion (except sulfur atmosphere and some controllable atmosphere).
Two, Fe Cr Al alloy
1, the use of high temperature in the atmosphere. Iron chromium aluminum electric heating wire 0Cr27AL7Mo2 maximum temperature is 1400 degrees centigrade, and the maximum temperature is 1200 DEG Cr20Ni80 nichrome wire.
2, long service life. In the atmosphere of high temperature using the same, fe25cr5al life is 2-4 times of nickel chromium alloy.
3, high surface load. The Fe Cr Aluminum Alloy allows the use of high temperature, long service life, so the element surface load can also be high, this not only makes the fast heating can also save alloy material.
4, good oxidation resistance. Al2O3 compact Aluminum Alloy film formed on the surface of Fe Cr, good performance and matrix adhesion, not easy to loose and cause pollution Petals drop and waters flow. In addition, Al2O3 has high resistivity and high melting point, which determines that the Al2O3 film has excellent oxidation resistance. Carburizing resistance is better than that of Ni Cr alloy surface Cr2O3.
5, the proportion of small. The ratio of Aluminum Alloy Fe Cr Ni Cr alloy is small, it means making the same elements use save more materials than Fe Cr al Ni CR.
6, high resistivity. The resistivity of Fe Cr Aluminum Alloy than Ni Cr alloy and high alloy materials in the design elements can choose larger diameter specifications, which is conducive to prolong the service life of elements, it is particularly important for fine wire.
7, good sulfur resistance. Have a good corrosion resistance of the atmosphere and surface of sulfur by sulfur iron chromium aluminum material contamination, and use nickel chrome will severely corrosive.
8, the price is cheap. FeCrAI because it does not contain a scarce nickel, the relative price is much cheaper than nickel chromium.
Fe Cr Al alloy with high resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistance is small, the use of high temperature characteristics. The utility model has the advantages of good corrosion resistance at high temperature, and is especially suitable for being used in the atmosphere containing sulfur and sulfide, and has low cost.
Disadvantages of high temperature strength 9, Fe Cr Aluminum Alloy with low temperature, increase its plastic, easy to cause the deformation element.
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