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High quality electric wire how to choose?

Release time: 2017.03.09
As everyone knows, buy one of the most important things is that it is not the price, the cheaper the better, not the more expensive the more suitable, choose a product to analyze his price, reasonable price, best quality, is the kingly way. The hot wire, how to find the right product, its performance and price performance in where?
According to the previous data and the exchange of buyers and manufacturers, summed up some of the selection of hot wire higher cost performance of several ways, for reference only:
1, according to different uses of different brands of electric wire selection.
(1) the purchaser for mechanical equipment factory, packaging machine, sealing machine, packing machine does not require the temperature of about 200-300 degrees to the manufacturers, recommend the use of 0cr20Ni80 series of nichrome wire, nickel chromium wire of the welding performance is good, is soft, hard brittle, and the best use of flat belt, due to load power flat belt per square meter than the width of a large round wire, high rate, smaller than round wire loss.
(2) the purchaser for the electric factory, factory should consider the oven, temperature and temperature of 100-900 degrees, does not require the quality is superior, the most common use of Fe Cr al 0cr25al5 suggested that it is cheap the highest use temperature of 900 degrees, if the electric wire surface heat treatment, acid or annealing, enhance the oxidation of better, relatively high cost. If the stove at 900-1000, recommend using 0cr21al6nb, this series of electric wire because the addition of Nb element, high temperature resistance, better quality, if the temperature at 1100-1200 degrees, recommend the use of Ocr27al7mo2, including MO round wire so higher temperature, but the higher the purity of 0Cr27al7MO2 steel, and the stronger antioxidant the better, but more brittle, so tohandlegentlyand, best to let the factory around to the right size, the purchaser to go back a good, in the area of Jiangsu, Yancheng Acer electric wire production is one of the best manufacturers.
(3) ceramics factory, glass factory. We recommend the direct use of electric wire or imported HRE, because of the high temperature electric wire will produce vibration, long-term electricity vibration, electric wire quality is not good, it will fall cut, polluting products only choose electric wire of high quality, in order to achieve good price.
2, understand the electric wire people know that the electric wire is divided into two series: series of Fe Cr Al and Ni Cr series.
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