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Electric wire

Release time: 2017.03.09
With the continuous progress of science and technology, a wide variety of electric heating devices, such as electric heating tubes, electric heating wire, then the electric wire is how to work it? How do we choose? Let us look at the following.
The so-called electric heating wire is one of the most common heating element, its role is energized after heating, the electric energy into heat energy, to achieve our desired results. The application range of the electric heating wire is very wide, a variety of common electric equipment will adopt electric wire as the heating element, the electric heating wire in electronics, electrical appliances, medical, chemical, metallurgical machinery, ceramic glass processing industry has been widely applied.
The working principle of the electric heating wire is the same as that of other metal heating elements. Electric heating refers to the current through the conductor, the current will produce a certain amount of heat and be paid by the conductor. Electric wire is a metal conductor, after the power will emit heat, provide heat.
The types of electric heating wires are divided according to the chemical element content and the structure of the hot wire. Type of electric wire used with FeCrAl and nichrome wire two. These two kinds of electric heating wires are different from each other in terms of their functional properties.
The advantages of iron chromium aluminum is high operating temperature, the maximum operating temperature of the iron chromium aluminum can reach 1400 degrees celsius. The FeCrAI long service life, high resistivity, high surface load, and has better oxidation resistance.
FeCrAI disadvantage is under the environment of high temperature strength is low, with the increase of plasticity of Fe Cr al temperature will increase, in other words, fe25cr5al deformation may occur in the case of high temperature deformation, and after the late repair.
The advantages of nickel chromium wire are high strength in high temperature working environment, long time high temperature deformation, difficult to change the structure, and the normal temperature and plasticity of nickel chromium wire. In addition, it has high radiation rate, no magnetism, long life and good corrosion resistance.
The disadvantages of nichrome wire operating temperature up and the relatively high cost of iron chromium aluminum. So remind customers, according to their own needs to choose their own material.
The above is about the hot wire some of the relevant knowledge, I hope this article can help.
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