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Common knowledge and selection of electric furnace wire

Release time: 2017.03.09

The highest use temperature of the electric stove wire is one of the main performance index of the selection process, here need to remind buyers, the use of temperature of the heating wire heating wire in operation refers to the element in the body surface temperature, operating temperature instead of electric heating equipment or heated objects can reach the final.
The electric heating wire in the design and selection of electric equipment, can be used according to the object or to be heated, to measure the final heating temperature, such as electric wire used in boiler heating, temperature and temperature of the electric heating wire is at 100 degrees celsius. If the heating temperature of the heating wire exceeds the maximum operating temperature, the oxidation process of the heating wire is accelerated, the heat resistance is reduced, and the service life is shortened.
2, the diameter of the wire thickness
The thickness of the hot wire is related to the highest temperature, the larger the diameter of the electric wire, the more easily overcome the deformation problem at high temperature, extend their life. Hot wire running at the maximum operating temperature should be kept at a diameter of not less than 3mm, the thickness of the flat belt shall not be less than 2mm.
The service life of the electric heating wire is largely related to the diameter and thickness of the electric heating wire. The electric wire used in high temperature environment, the surface will form a protective film, the film is a period of time it will happen aging, formation of cyclic process generation and destruction, this process is also a process of continuous consumption of electric wire internal elements, more content of electric wire diameter and thickness of the larger elements, service life on longer.
3, the working atmosphere of electric heating wire
The electric heating wire itself has a certain corrosion resistance, but in high temperature environment, the corrosion resistance of electric heating wire will be decreased. At the same time, the hot wire in corrosive atmosphere, the maximum temperature will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the working atmosphere, such as carbon atmosphere, sulfur atmosphere and hydrogen, nitrogen atmosphere, etc..
Electric heating wire in the production process of anti curing treatment, but due to transportation, installation and other reasons, there may be some damage before the use of electric heating wire. At the same time, the electric heating wire can be pre oxidized, and the device which is used for installing the electric heating wire can be used in the dry air to reach the maximum temperature below 100 DEG C to about 200 DEG C by temperature, and the utility model can be slowly cooled after being maintained for 5 to 10 hours.

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